UMW Women's Rugby Officer Duties

The following is a list of officers of Mary Wash Women's Rugby and their duties. The duties listed are general and may change slight from year to year at the discretion of the club.


Delegates all team jobs.

Oversees tasks to ensure proper completion of duties.

Attends or appoints an attendee to the Virginia Rugby Union Annual General Meeting.

Provides a direct communication link with the coach.


Helps president with jobs.

Tracks club CIPP, player CIPP, and insurance information.

Match Secretary

Schedules matches with other teams/schools.

Knows their own team's/school's schedule and scheduled use of the rugby pitch so that changing game times/dates can be minimized.

Submits schedule to the RSV (Referee's Society of Virginia).

Confirms matches with the assigned referee.

Confirms the VRU, the referee, and opposing team have current directions to the rugby pitch.


Tracks team's equipment (balls, field markers, restraining ropes, etc).

Maintains contact with school for pitch availability and lining.

Obtains water for halftime.

Obtains transportation (if provided by a school or third party).

Obtains hotel accommodations if necessary.

Alumni Relations

Tracks history of club and alumni addresses.

Solicits alumni contributions.

Oversees alumni events, including homecoming match.

Clothing Rep

Secures team jerseys, kits, or additional team clothing.


Oversees fund raising events.


Advertises club's activities, i.e. practices, games, tournaments.

Heads the recruitment of new players.


Reports scores to local newspapers.

Submits proper team information to the VRU.

Records minutes of officers meetings.

Social Chair

Secures location and food/beverages for team events.


Handles all money aspects of the team including payment of VRU dues, CIPP registrations, tournament fees, referee fees, and miscellaneous expenses of the team.

Collects any club dues, money for CIPP, contributions, and school funding.